Sheer Stupidity

Sometimes the sheer stupidity of some people honestly blows my mind.  These days, my ex-fiance is on the top of that list.  I’ve tried so many times to understand his choices and decisions, but there is just no way anyone can rationalize stupidity.

He had IT. Unconditional, Unadulterated Love.  That blessed thing that people spend their whole lives looking for and sadly, some never find. Love.  That thing people fight for, kill for and die for.  Love.  That beautifully amazing thing that people live for, that makes the darkest day feel brighter and the hardest task or largest obstacle seem manageable.  That thing that truly makes life worth living.

He had a woman who had seen him at his worst and loved him anyway.  He had a woman who had forgiven him time and again for his transgressions and urged him to be that better man she knew he was inside.  He had a woman who stood by him when he had nothing, nursed him back to health when he was sick and treated his wounds when he was injured.  He had a woman who always stood proudly at his side and always had his back, defending him against anyone who might treat or view him as anything less than she felt he deserved.  He had a woman who longed to be in his arms, to feel his kisses and to wake up and fall asleep at his side every day for eleven years.

Every. Single. Day.

He had a woman who would get out of bed in the morning to make his coffee and set out his clothes while he got ready for work.  He had a woman who would greet him at the window when he came home with her hands shaped as hearts, then run to the door to give him hugs.  He had a woman who would happily have dinner on the table when he got home, knowing he’d be hungry and who would massage his sore muscles whenever he asked, always appreciating how hard he worked.  He had a woman who would pamper him for no other reason than because she loved him, never asking anything in return.  He had a woman who showered him with compliments and praise, even when he couldn’t see it in himself, and who was always generous with her love and intimacy.  He woke up and went to bed knowing he was loved every day for eleven years.

Every. Single. Day.

He had a woman who loved him more than she ever had any reason to, forgave him more than he ever deserved, and still held him tight to comfort him even as he broke her heart again and again.  He had won the proverbial lottery in a way because he had stumbled onto that beautifully pure and enduring love that hopeless romantics dream about and lonely hearts spend their lives pining after.  He truly had it.  He had it all.

And yet he threw it all away, eleven years of that love, for a random lay.  He threw it all away to go be with another random woman he openly admitted to not even loving, because she had more money and a nice house.  He touted her convenience and all the money she kept throwing his way.  He threw away something priceless that deserved to be cherished for material things.  A new phone.  A nicer house to live in.  Random inconsequential bullshit with a price tag attached.

If that isn’t sheer stupidity of the highest caliber than I honestly don’t know what is…


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