Why I Write

I often joke that where most people put in their two cents, I usually stop closer to a quarter.  My mind is often going a mile a minute, thinking and overthinking about everything.  I ramble and I rant, with so much to say and to feel about everything.

When I found my voice, I began writing about my own life and experiences.  When I made the conscious decision to start living life more fully, I began a second blog to focus on my new experiences.  However, my mind is still overflowing with thoughts and opinions to share.  Like many other things in life, better out than in.

I write to share my oddly skewed view of the world.

Though I have struggled with major depression my entire life, I am the eternal optimist in many ways, with my rose-colored glasses firmly bolted to my head.

Though I have had my heart broken more often than it has been whole, I am forever the hopeless romantic that believes in true love and tries to see the best in everyone.

I lean just enough left on some issues and just enough right on others to piss everyone off about something.

I am both open-minded and opinionated.

I am both flexible and stubborn.

I am both passionate and reserved.

I am a living, breathing oxymoron.

Somehow, despite all the contradictions, I make sense in my own mind.

I write because I have so many thoughts inside my head, bubbling, percolating, dying to come out.  I write because I see good in the world and want others to see it, too.  I write because I believe in kindness and possibilities.  I write because I hope that, by sharing my thoughts, I can get people thinking and talking.  I write because I hope to make a difference and leave the world a little better off.  I write because words fuel my soul like food fuels my body.  Writing has become my lifeblood.

I write because words have the power to take you anywhere, move mountains and impact lives.  My life has become a journey of words.  You’re welcome along for the ride.